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Vapor Barriers can save you thousands

As home inspectors we know that moisture coming up from a dirt crawl space into the sub floor of an average home can carry with it gallons of moisture. Moisture that will be deposited on the sills, joists, main beams and sub floor.

On a recent inspection in Hamilton NJ I saw a vapor barrier that was a bit unusual. It did not stop at the crawls edge. It went up the side of the foundation and was attached to the sill plate.

This barrier will keep moisture from building on the sub floor expressed as mold, rot, white rot and cubicle rot. If the conditions are not reversed the damage can mount to the thousands.

This is a picture of a vapor barrier the way it should be installed.

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Asbestos / Cement Siding and Inspections

Created in the 1920′s as a replacement for highly flammable wood siding,  Asbestos / Cement  type siding was used on 100′s of thousands of houses across the US by the 1940′s. New Jersey included.

By the early 1970′s, the reported health hazards grew and the government took action by banning  their use in 1973.

These shingles are mainly cement with asbestos fibers used for reinforcement. If installed properly and not damaged, they’re acceptable. If the siding becomes damaged, cracked or gets to a “crumbling” stage, such as the photo above, health concerns rise as the dust can become airborne and inhaled.

Still on houses today,  I inspect a percentage of houses in NJ with Asbestos / Cement  siding,  some of which are a concern but not always. If the siding is properly installed, in good shape and maintained, it should be OK. If renovations or additions are done to a house with this type of siding, consult experienced, trained contractors. Similar looking products made without asbestos are available to replace damaged shingles.

Exterior siding is  part of a Home Inspection. Our Home Inspectors know the health concerns associated with this siding if damaged and will report on any potential hazards.

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Electric Panels and Home Inspections

Many times electric panels have hidden concerns that can lead to safety problems. These concerns will only be discovered when the cover is removed, such as during a Home Inspection. Homeowners should NEVER remove an electric panel cover, leave this to the professionals such as a Home Inspector or Electrician.

Some hidden concerns that can lead to trouble are:

-Rust or corrosion / water entry, mainly from the exterior.

-Double tapped breakers.

-Improper sized breakers.

-Rodent damage.

-Burnt wires, to name a few.

The above photo shows a burnt white neutral wire, in the center, that I discovered during a recent New Jersey Home Inspection, this is a real safety concern and further evaluation by an electrician was recommended.

Home Inspections are important to you and your family.

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