Electric Panels and Home Inspections

Many times electric panels have hidden concerns that can lead to safety problems. These concerns will only be discovered when the cover is removed, such as during a Home Inspection. Homeowners should NEVER remove an electric panel cover, leave this to the professionals such as a Home Inspector or Electrician.

Some hidden concerns that can lead to trouble are:

-Rust or corrosion / water entry, mainly from the exterior.

-Double tapped breakers.

-Improper sized breakers.

-Rodent damage.

-Burnt wires, to name a few.

The above photo shows a burnt white neutral wire, in the center, that I discovered during a recent New Jersey Home Inspection, this is a real safety concern and further evaluation by an electrician was recommended.

Home Inspections are important to you and your family.

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  1. Very informative – the home I’m selling had a home inspector who found a very rusted electric panel from an exterior leak.

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