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How’s your Grade?

Barnegat, NJ

As we leave this harsh winter and enter into spring, now is a great time to go outside and evaluate your grading.

Water problems usually become more apparent in summer from heavy rains or after rapid snowmelt during the winter/spring months.

Common issues from poor grading usually lead to; cracked walks due to heaving/settlement, water seepage into the basement or lower levels, standing water, rot to exterior siding, and a continuously running sump pump to name a few.

Today on my home inspection in Barnegat New Jersey I discovered a negatively pitched grade, causing water seepage into the basement and garage levels.


I explained to my client a few recommendations for remediation to reduce or eliminate these issues.

Simple maintenance is the key to maintaining a positive grading.

1. Clean your gutters and downspout
2. Make sure your downspout extensions are attached to discharge water away from your foundation
3. Make sure that the soil is pitched away from the foundation creating a positive slope. (This could be deceiving with mulch and stone creating a positive slope at the top surface, however the underlaying soil is still back pitched towards the foundation. Keep in mind that stone and mulch percolate water down.)

It’s recommended for slope of 1 inch per foot, for a minimum of 5 feet, away from your foundation as a guide to creating a positive in grade.


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