Crawl Space – Home Inspections

If the house you’re buying has a crawl space, I’d like to offer the following;  A crawl space is generally not the nicest place in a house and as a result, most homeowners don’t go in until a small problem has become a  bigger, more noticeable problem such as a plumbing leak, electric , pest, structural, etc,.

During a recent inspection in a  NJ house, I found that the kitchen sink had a very slow drain, the visible drain pipe was suspect, but it went much further. In the crawl space, I found the waste pipe below had bad connections, improper pitch and if it wasn’t for the leaks found, I don’t think water would have moved at all! This was all reported to the buyer and repair recommendations made.

A crawl space can reveal many concerns and is an important part of a house and, if present, an important part of our home inspections.

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  1. Thanks for the info. You are right. I am not going into the crawl space to look for leaks on a home inspection. Thanks to a good inspection.

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